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What is oncology massage therapy?

Oncology massage therapy is for people during cancer treatment, post-treatment (weeks or years later), during chronic disease, and at end of life.


Massage therapy is used in cancer care to relieve symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment such as pain, fatigue, anxiety, poor sleep, and other common problems. Add these goals to a classical "Swedish" massage session.

Then add an extra dose of infection control, and sensitivity to the challenges of cancer treatment, and you have oncology massage therapy. For safe and effective work, OMTs ask a few health questions specific to cancer and cancer treatment before the session. 


What is therapeutic massage for caregivers and healthcare workers?

Caregiving, whether professional or personal, brings physical stresses on shoulders, backs, and necks. Strain from transferring, turning, and positioning loved ones and patients. Sore feet and postural muscles from standing and walking. Stress from worrying, plus all the emotional demands on the heart.

Therapeutic massage is an opportunity to address aches and pains, to rest and be cared for, and to fill an empty tank.

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The short version:

I am Tracy Walton, founder of Walton Massage Therapy. I have practiced massage therapy since 1990. I am licensed in Massachusetts, with an office in Arlington.

Over the years I have taught oncology massage therapy, written about it for trade and health care publications, and worked on various research projects in massage therapy and cancer care.

My primary work is direct, hands-on massage care for people with cancer and cancer histories. I also work with caregivers and health care workers.

From the first client I worked with while they were in cancer treatment, it was clear that massage could help in cancer care and beyond.

The longer version:



Oncology Massage Therapy

For people with cancer, in treatment and management, post-treatment (even years later), and living at end of life.

$125 for a 60-min. session; $155 for a 75-min. session

Therapeutic Massage for Caregivers

For caregiving family & friends.

For health care workers in all roles and settings.

For people still recovering from a time of caregiving.

$125 for a 60-min. session; $155 for a 75-min. session



call 617 661 5800

Walton Massage Therapy is in East Arlington, MA.

259 Massachusetts Ave. (The Healing Center), Arlington, MA  02474


Sessions by appointment only:
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mondays, Wednesdays,

Thursdays, and Fridays

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Member Associated Bodywork and Massage Therapy Professionals
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